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Rev T.S. Melton
My name is Tyler. I have been skiing for the past 16 years and have been involved with adaptive skiing for the past 11 years. I received my level 1 certification in adaptive skiing 5 years ago. I love the silence that is found while skiing, it’s such a release. When I am teaching it doesn’t get any better than seeing the smiles at the end of the lesson.

Greg "Prometheus" Hull
My name is Greg. I took up skiing almost 14 years ago and got hooked on adaptive skiing 6 years ago. I have been teaching as a lead instructor now for the past 3 years. I am looking forward to taking my level 1 exam this season. I love getting to talk to people on the lifts and getting to make new friends. When it comes to teaching I love getting the student down the hill for the first time without falling.

Rev A.M. Adrian
My name is Andrew. This is my second season skiing. I immediately started helping with the Adaptive Snowsports program at Perfect North. I currently maintain this website. I also assist with every lesson that I can. I am working towards my level I certification for next season. I truly enjoy being a part of something that allows someone the opportunity to ski or snowboard who would otherwise not be able to.

Jim "Fang" Fangmeyer
30 years Skiing
1 Year alpine/ adaptive Instruction
Learning continuous
When they get it


Julie "Pirate" Whittinghill
Hi I'm Julie. I love to ski and help with the Adaptive Snow Sports Program at Perfect North.